Growth Marketing Freelance Services

The focus is on performance and not just sending traffic to your website. The goal is to optimize, analyze, test, and re-structure – and when done, I test again. I will help you with your growth marketing efforts. Gabriel, the founder of admeant, is a remote growth marketer with a strong focus towards performance. That‘s the reason, why he will define goals with you that are measurable. The aim is to optimize according to your campaign goals. His specialty is to setup and give your campaign the right structure, so he can set the base to reach the campaign goals together with the client. Be it registrations, sales or subscriptions.

 Forbes UNDER 30 – DACH – Year 2018 in Marketing

Google Ads & Bing Ads

Your search engine marketing campaigns will be setup and optimised properly. Starting with setting campaign goals and keyword research, followed by structuring your campaigns according to best practice examples. admeant is a one-stop-shop when it comes to search engine marketing on Google and Bing.

Social Media Marketing

You want to reach your clients through Facebook and Instagram? Request a setup of your campaigns and their optimisation, so you can reach your target audience. Build similar audiences to your target group and make the most of your campaigns.

Remarketing Campaigns

The aim is to optimise regularly – and to test, on a continuous basis to reach your target audience and with it, your campaign goals. Re-target your website visitors, buyers or registered users with hot offers. Target custom audiences that have great potential to convert.

admeant - Growth Marketing Freelance Services

After moving back to Vienna, Gabriel decided to launch admeant, to help start-ups and companies that want to accelerate their growth. As a remote growth marketing consultant, he worked with major brands from different industries. Previously he managed the Search Engine Marketing activity of Fiverr® in +21 countries and 4 languages, with a focus on new buyer acquisition. Before that he managed facebook ad campaigns for eCommerce clients.
In 2018, Gabriel was selected as a Forbes UNDER 30 (DACH) in Marketing.

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